DFA Insurance News

February 21 2021
Many businesses, big and small, like to consider themselves as a family. This is why many employers could never consider that they could be sued by an employee, past, present, or future.
February 14 2021
Often times we get asked if there is anything a client can do to help their insurance costs. When it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, there is. This is where your Experience Modification Rating comes into play.
January 31 2021
Don’t risk finding out if your farm is underinsured when you have a loss. Insuring to the accurate value of your home, buildings, equipment, and inventory is an important consideration when reviewing your insurance coverage needs.
January 24 2021
A loss control program can help reduce claims and losses through safety and risk management information and services. It can also help to reduce the severity of accidents that do happen.
January 17 2021
A good succession plan takes time, money, and effort. Deciding what happens with your farm or ranch is not an easy task, but you are not alone. DFA Insurance partners with several quality providers, including Nationwide’s Land as Your Legacy program, to assist you in easing the transition to the next generation and ensuring long term success for your operation.
January 10 2021
When it comes to the cold winter weather, there are plenty of articles and videos out there detailing winter pet safety. However, when it comes to your livestock, they have their own considerations and needs for when the winter weather hits.
January 03 2021
With DFA Insurance, you have a whole team of dedicated professionals taking care of all your insurance needs. We take the time to get to know you, learn about your unique needs, and identify the potential risks that you face.
December 27 2020
Winter is here and despite the colder weather, the work must be done. Here are some tips to remember when you are working in the cold and to help keep you safe. 
December 20 2020
Offering health insurance benefits to your team is a great way to attract qualified, skilled workers, decrease turnover rates, and increase morale and productivity. There are many options and factors to consider that could make the process seem overwhelming and confusing.  Working with a qualified agent can make the process much easier, together you can design a plan that meets your needs and your budget.
December 13 2020
This year has led to many changes and a lot of agriculture businesses have implanted the use of technology into their everyday operations. The increased use of technology creates a lot of risk. Farmers needs to prioritize cybersecurity to protect their information and their business.
December 06 2020
Monica Schaapman, DFA Insurance Specialist for the Southeast Region, is a fresh face at DFA Insurance; she is new to DFA Insurance, but she does have a long family history with agriculture and dairy farming. “My parents have a dairy farm,” said Schaapman.
November 29 2020
Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and non-irritating, it’s impossible to detect without the correct instruments. Before you know what’s happened, you can end up seriously ill. These safety tips can help. 
November 22 2020
When heavy snow meets fierce winds, even the best-engineered buildings can collapse. That’s why it’s important to calculate your roof load and be adequately insured for this type of situation.
November 15 2020
It’s hard to believe the year is almost over.  With many group health plans renewing on January 1st, we’re running out of time to review your coverage options.  If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at your policies, now is a good time to contact DFA Insurance for a review. 
November 08 2020
If offering health insurance to your employees is something that you would like to do, but the minimum requirements enforced by insurance companies have made it difficult, DFA Insurance may be able to help.
November 02 2020
Workers’ compensation insurance is a federally mandated, state regulated insurance program that protects your business if an employee gets injured or becomes ill as a result of work-related activities. However, because of the complex nature of worker’s compensation insurance business owners often have misconceptions regarding their coverage and what their capabilities are.
October 25 2020
Health Insurance can be a big expense and complicated.  DFA Insurance, provided by Agri-Services Agency, can help explain all your options and design a plan that will meet your group health insurance needs and your budget. 
October 18 2020
This year more than ever we have become digitally connected as a world. Everything from school lessons to grocery shopping is being done online. While it may make life a bit easier at time, it also exposes us to greater cyber security risks. Cyber risks can be expensive and messy, with the expected costs of cyber risks reaching $21 trillion by 2021. So how you protect yourself?
October 12 2020
With open enrollment right around the corner, healthcare is probably already on your mind.  Now is the right time to consider why offering health insurance to your employees is a good idea.
June 24 2020

In today’s world, health care will be on everyone’s mind. With unemployment being so high and the job market not being as competitive as it once was, how do you attract employees and keep employees? Offering benefits like quality health insurance can help. DFA Insurance understands the unique needs of farms and agribusinesses. Whether you are a small business with two employees or a large company with hundreds of employees on multiple operations, we can help develop something specifically to meet your unique needs.

June 10 2020

On some operations, livestock are the most valuable commodity. However, raising livestock can be unpredictable and risky. This is why livestock protection is a necessity to protect from the unexpected events and accidents that can result in losses.

June 10 2020

National Dairy Month began 83 years ago as a way to stabilize dairy demand when production was at a surplus. It has since evolved into an annual tradition of celebrating the important contributions of the dairy industry. National Dairy Month also serves to highlight the importance and nutritional value of dairy products.