True Farms Inc: A 2020 Look Back
April 25, 2021
True Farms Inc in Perry, NY is a 1000 cow dairy milking farm with 2 locations. Brian True and his sons Bradley and Chris work together to run this operation and that teamwork became vital in 2020.

At the beginning of March 2020, quickly learned more than they ever thought possible of the inefficiency of a pandemic on your operation and day-to-day decisions. It changed the decision-making journey as a whole. As the shut down continued, it crippled processing plants and sent farmers into panic mode. Little did we know what effects and timeline of events were to come.

During these uncertain times of market disruptions and restrictions on production, the owners learned how truly important communication would become. The monthly team meetings they previously had became weekly and daily as everything changed and relying on their business consultants became critical. The pandemic left many unsure of what was next, and it became difficult to determine profitability. It became important to keep their business in check and stay on top of decisions.

As of today, there is still so much uncertainty. There are many restrictions still in place all over the world and the lasting effects are unknown. Diane True, Brian’s wife, says, “We never thought we would see this kind of dismay in our lifetime and together with all farmers, we are proud to be the ones feeding America during this troubled time.”