Prioritizing Cyber Insurance
December 13, 2020
This year has led to many changes and a lot of agriculture businesses have implanted the use of technology into their everyday operations. This technology helps to create more efficient processes and collects data in a more effective way, allowing the farm to perform better. However, with the many positives of these technologies, comes risks. The increased use of technology creates a lot of high value data that is at risk of theft or illegal use. Farmers needs to prioritize cybersecurity to protect their information and their business.

Review Your Providers
Take a look at the technology you use and the providers it comes from. Many providers are investing in maintaining high levels of customer data security to combat the rise in cyber attacks throughout the years. Ask your providers to confirm the security of your data on their platforms. Work with them to make sure you are being protected at the provider level.

Be Proactive
While security at the provider level is important, you also have to take steps at your business to secure your information. Just like you would lock up your physical items, you need to take steps to lock up your data as well. Here are some ways you can do that:
  • Perform recommended software updates
  • Change your account passwords regularly, using complex passwords
  • Check your application and platform settings to ensure you are being protected
  • Back up your data both on and off site
  • Install security tools such as firewalls to protect your device and data
Involve Your Whole Team
Creating the processes to manage the increasing amount of data and keeping up with the security is not easy. Get your team involved to help with the work and to help keep everyone on the same page. When everyone is on the same page and your staff are on board with the new process, the whole thing will run a lot smoother and you will not feel so overwhelmed.

Get the Right Cyber Liability Insurance
Making sure that you have the right cyber liability insurance coverage for your agribusiness in the event of a cyber-attack is important. Cyber-attacks can be costly and complicated, and it is important to have insurance to protect yourself and your business. Give DFA Insurance a call today at 1-877-358-9523 to discuss your risk exposure and your coverage options.