Winter weather safety
December 13, 2023
As the winter season approaches, being prepared in advance is the best way to ensure the safety of your farm and employees. Preparation can be as simple as having an extra set of gloves, socks and hats on hand. Keeping your extremities warm is the key to working in low temperatures. Layering, and keeping your hands and feet warm will help maintain a safe body temperature. Remove a layer when you are hot or add a layer when you get cold. Being too hot to the point of perspiration can be dangerous in cold conditions, staying dry is the critical to staying warm. Material choice is also important. When available, select wool apparel. Wool will allow moisture to wick away while trapping the right amount of heat. ​

The risk for slips, trips and falls increase during icy conditions. To maintain grip on slippery surfaces, winter boots and even micro-spikes are good options. There are many different types of spikes, all offer improved traction and help you maintain balance.​

Here is a list of items which could be very helpful to keep in your car or on the tractor:​
  • Blankets, gloves, socks and hats​
  • Ice scraper and snow brush​
  • Flashlight and extra batteries​
  • Jumper cables​
  • First-aid kit​
  • Bottled water ​
  • Multi-tool (such as a Leatherman multi-tool or a Swiss Army knife)​
  • Road flares or reflective warning triangles ​
  • Windshield cleaner ​

For extremely cold and snowy regions: ​
  • A bag of sand to help with traction (or non-clumping cat litter)​
  • Collapsible or folding snow shovel ​
  • Tire chains and tow strap ​
  • Hand warmers ​
  • Winter boots​
  • Sleeping bag for longer trips