Introducing Monica Schaapman
December 06, 2020
Monica Schaapman, DFA Insurance Specialist for the Southeast Region, is a fresh face at DFA Insurance; she is new to DFA Insurance, but she does have a long family history with agriculture and dairy farming. “My parents have a dairy farm,” said Schaapman. “I grew up on our family farm, Schaapman Holsteins in Abbeville, GA. I’ve always had a passion for agriculture, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to work directly on the farm. Growing up on our farm, seeing the importance of what we do every day, and how hard my family works to feed others, it really made me passionate about advocating for agriculture. Farmer’s work impacts everyone, and I want to make sure they get the best insurance available.”

Schaapman is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA, where she received her BS in Agribusiness. The past month, Schaapman has been working to get her insurance license – which she received in September – and learn as much as she can about the industry.  Since she started with DFA Insurance, Monica has been reaching out to and meeting with farms throughout the Southeast.  The area consists of thousands of dairy farms, and produces billions of pounds of milk annually, averaging several million pounds of milk produced per farm.  “For now, I’m focused on working with dairy farms, since dairy farm insurance is something we specialize in,” said Schaapman. At DFA Insurance, Schaapman is focused on property, casualty, and workers’ compensation insurance. “The great thing about DFA Insurance is our focus on farm and agribusiness coverage – that’s exactly who I want to help. I’m going to help famers get the exact policies they need and give them peace of mind from being covered and protected if the unexpected happens.”

For Schaapman, her experience with farm life is an incredible asset when it comes to working with agribusinesses. “I understand how busy farmers can be, and what they go through on a day to day basis. I’ve seen it, lived it, I know how hard farmers work and the unexpected problems that can come up.  I want to make sure farmers have the coverage they need so they can keep doing what they love, no matter what new obstacle might pop up.”

DFA Insurance offers a variety of competitively priced, high-quality insurance programs designed to give agribusiness owners a competitive edge and to help attract and retain good employees. We are the nation’s first and only cooperative-driven insurance agency supported by the mission and values of the consumers we insure. Call us at 877-358-9523 to talk to Monica and get the conversation started today!