Livestock Coverage

Protect one of your most important investments.

You need to make sure they are covered correctly. Your farm package may provide some coverage for your livestock, but depending on the options you selected and the size of your operation, the value of your herd can quickly exceed your limits. There may also be other limitations to coverage provided through your package policy you should consider, like animals in transit or high value animals. A livestock policy can help ensure you’re protected in the event of an accident.

Some important protections offered through livestock insurance include:

Protection for strays - if a stray animal is harmed due to a covered accident, livestock coverage help cover your loss.

Protection for a wider variety of losses - from normal perils like fire and floods to less common hazards like sink holes and collisions with falling objects, you have a wide range of coverage options.

Market value protection - livestock coverage can reimburse you for the market value of your animals, if the accident is covered.

Non-owned livestock - if you have animals in your care, custody and control, livestock insurance extends to both non-owned and owned animals.

High value animals - you can select individual coverage which is common for higher value animals or herd coverage which is based on herd size.

Liability coverage - if you’re liable for damage or injury resulting from the actions of your animals, livestock insurance can provide coverage.

There are certain losses that are not covered like old age, unexplained disappearance, or disease. The best way to understand what’s covered and what isn’t is to consult with a DFA insurance agent.

No two herds are identical, it’s important to choose coverage that’s right for your operation. DFA Insurance will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs and your budget.