Workers’ Compensation, Beyond The Numbers
October 30, 2022
The most obvious benefit from workers’ compensation insurance is the monetary protection it provides if one of your employees is injured on the job.  Workers’ comp will cover employee’s medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, retraining, legal costs, and other expenses associated with the injury.  This coverage is critical and what most business owners think of first.

With that said, there are some additional benefits you should consider when making your buying decision.  You want to find someone who knows agriculture and workers’ compensation coverage and can provide more than just insurance.  There are a number of other services you should look for including:
  • Risk Analysis and Loss Control – You should have access to an OSHA outreach trained loss control team that will visit your farm and identify hazards, review procedures, offer corrective actions and help implement effective controls to minimize the risk of injury to your employees.
  • Safety Training – You should be offered safety training programs to help develop a strong culture of on-farm and on-site safety.  These programs help improve employee safety and worker retention as well as show increases in efficiency and productivity.
  • Claims Management – You should work with an agent to help manage your claims activity with the goal of keeping the overall cost of your claim down and resolving cases quickly.  Additionally, they should provide a medical bill review, to ensure that you are not double billed, procedures are coded correctly, etc.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance – You should be kept up to date.  You need a specialist in workers’ compensation with focus on agriculture that will stay on top of regulations that may affect you.  It’s essential that you have someone monitoring changes and ensuring that you remain compliant and protected.
  • Customer Service – You should have access to live customer service – 24/7.  When you need help, you want to talk to a live person not an automated service.
  • Agriculture Focus – Your business is agriculture, you want someone that focuses on your industry.  It’s important that the team running the program and your agent are committed to supporting your values.  When your agent is focused on agriculture, they understand the risks involved with your business and can make sure you are covered correctly at a competitive price.
Benefits like these are designed to help reduce costs by minimizing risk and effectively managing claims when they do arise.  By looking for a partner that understands agriculture and will provide these services, you’ll make sure your covered correctly at a price that fits your budget.

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